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Bluevision Consulting Group has been established with the purpose of making a significant contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations. Our focus is on developing projects related to the green and blue economy to promote a sustainable future.

At Bluevision, we have a strong commercial and financial pipeline, which allows us to offer strategic consulting, engineering, and implementation services for the latest technologies in areas such as renewable energy, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, sensory technology, among others. We take pride in providing these services to our clients in Spain and Latin America.

At Bluevision, we believe in the importance of collaboration and synergy. We are open to establishing strategic partnerships with other organizations and key stakeholders in the field of sustainability to maximize the positive impact we can generate together.


To become the benchmark environmental technological consultancy in Latin America. creating, planning and implementing smart and sustainable solutions efficiently, to achieve the objectives of our clients.


At Bluevision Consulting Group we help public and private organizations grow efficiently and sustainably, with a wide spectrum of professional services, through technological solutions tailored to their strategic objectives and CSR.


The key to realizing the vision is sharing our core values. These values allow us to look after the interests of the client and the community, maintaining a balance with people, the planet and business development: Safety, Honesty, Professional excellence, Prudent administration.


Our aim is helping our clients maximize growth in a sustainable way, and reduce their carbon footprint by contributing to the fight against climate change, to create a livable environment for future generations. For this we have a multidisciplinary team with great experience and an international vocation that plans, designs and manages transformative projects on both sides of the Atlantic.


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Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We are the exclusive distributors of Ecologix Environmental Systems in Spain, representing one of the world's leading manufacturers of wastewater treatment systems. With our extensive expertise in the field, we deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions, catering to a wide range of needs, from small-scale industrial applications to large municipal treatment plants.

Our success is built upon a foundation of innovation, as we continuously develop and implement cutting-edge solutions. Over the years, we have executed numerous projects with utmost proficiency, delivering outstanding results. Our portfolio includes mobile wastewater treatment platforms, as well as large-scale industrial and municipal treatment facilities, all of which have been executed with excellence.

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Solar Plants Development

We specialize in the development and installation of solar energy projects. We offer comprehensive services that include the assembly of fixed structures, solar trackers, installation of photovoltaic panels, as well as the necessary piling and drilling work for the process.

Furthermore, we provide a power plant rental service, covering various technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, and combined cycle. We offer tailored solutions to manage both small energy installations in community properties, factories, and hotels, as well as large electricity production plants.

At our company, we prioritize quality, efficiency, and innovation in all our projects. Our team of experienced professionals ensures seamless project execution, from initial design to final installation and commissioning.

Energy Efficiency Projects

We specialize in efficient energy management for businesses with the aim of reducing energy costs, improving competitiveness, and contributing to the environment.

We excel in advanced energy efficiency in buildings through the implementation of our modular Facility Management system, developed by VATechno. This system allows us to optimize energy consumption and maximize resource performance in each facility.

In addition, we offer services for calculating, reducing, and/or offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions. We take pride in offering Carbon Footprint certifications, enabling our clients to measure and manage their environmental impact in a transparent and responsible manner.

Sustainable Real State Management

We specialize in offering comprehensive environmental consultancy and sustainable urban project management services in both Spain and Latin America. Our primary focus is to ensure the sustainability and environmental integrity of real estate development projects.

In addition, we provide extensive environmental due diligence services, conducting rigorous analyses to assess the environmental impact and associated risks of ongoing projects. Our goal is to ensure that projects align with applicable environmental and regulatory standards, effectively mitigating any potential risks and optimizing project outcomes.

Hydroponic Fodder

In Bluevision, we are committed to developing sustainable solutions for animal feed. We have the experience and necessary technology to implement large-scale hydroponic fodder projects, providing our clients with a viable, economical, and environmentally responsible alternative.

Why? Water Savings: Hydroponic fodder uses 95% less water than traditional methods of fodder production, making it a much more sustainable option, especially in the context of climate change and water scarcity.
Cost: Surprisingly, hydroponic fodder can be up to 60% cheaper than traditional fodder. This is because it does not require large land areas or expensive machinery, and the production cycle is much faster.
Nutrition: Hydroponic fodder is rich in nutrients and proteins, making it an ideal food for all types of animals, from cows and horses to chickens and rabbits.
Sustainability: Hydroponic fodder does not require pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it a much more environmentally friendly option.



This project aims to promote sustainable development in our town through the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Divided into four key phases, from the initial diagnosis to continuous monitoring, the project involves local governments, civil society, and other stakeholders in the planning and execution of programs and projects. We seek to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across all areas, ensuring active community participation. Constant monitoring will ensure that our actions effectively contribute to improving quality of life and protecting our environment.


Stego Green is a global reference in the marketing of Carbon Credits and Environmental Assets through Blockchain technology, strictly complying with the regulations of the voluntary market for greenhouse gas emissions offsetting on an international level.

The platform emerges from the collaboration between Lothar Worldwide Financial Group and BlueVision Consulting Group. In a short time, it has become a leader in the tokenization and marketing of Carbon Credits, Biodiversity Bonds, Sustainability, and ESG.


Development of a hydroponic fodder project for a cooperative in Castilla La Mancha dedicated to the breeding of Manchego sheep.


Our work focuses on the development of a 100% sustainable tourism project in a beautiful natural setting in Costa Rica. The main objective is to ensure that all stages of the project are in harmony with the natural environment, minimizing its environmental impact and maximizing its contribution to the conservation and preservation of local biodiversity.

Our team of environmental consulting experts conducts a thorough analysis of the natural resources present in the area, evaluating potential impacts and proposing mitigation and compensation measures. We work closely with local authorities, neighboring communities, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure a participatory approach that respects local traditions and cultures.


In Ciudad Real (Spain), we are spearheading a Circular Economy project aimed at reducing the costs of electricity and gas bills through the implementation of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient building rehabilitation. The investment for this initiative is undertaken by Ofitec Engineering and Projects, in exchange for managing the energy production and consumption of each participant within the Ciudad Real Energy Community.


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